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Dec 18 Benefits
Experts explain the benefits of standard warehousing as demand grows

As Cambodia is evolving into a global production chain in line with economic growth, the warehousing business has played an important role in the warehousing and transfer of goods. However, warehousing experts say that a large number of warehouses in Cambodia are still operating in the traditional way, leading to a loss of budget, time and risk.

Mr. Va Socheat, Founder and CEO of S3V Group, which has experience in designing and supplying warehousing equipment since 2006, told KHB News that the installation of standard warehouses makes it easier to find cost-effective goods. And time is safe, beautiful, orderly, as well as provide a good environment for customers and workers working in the warehouse.

With his experience in the field of warehousing in some developed countries with high standards for efficient warehousing, Mr. Socheat observed that a large number of warehouses and factories in Cambodia often stacked goods without clear and unclassified inventory. Still using the database management system, which makes it difficult to find or lift by manpower.

He noted that many warehouses continue to use shelves used by ordinary welders, with no guarantee of risk and difficulty in loading.

He said: "I want to help change the mindset of some Cambodians who still use traditional metal shelves, welded by blacksmiths who do not have the skills of the shelf equipment has not been properly tested, which can cause harm to consumers. And switch to using the right standard shelves and have a clear guarantee.

The founder, who has experience installing warehouses for all types of clients across Cambodia, explained that the standard warehousing process starts with consulting, understanding customer needs first, then providing solutions and designing warehouses. Goods from experts before construction and purchase of equipment, materials, including warehouse management system with quality, efficiency and standards to customers, as well as regular warehouse maintenance services.

Observing these problems, he decided to import products and technology to serve the Helli brand warehousing sector, which has the largest production plant in China and the seventh largest in the world, to Cambodia, where this product is designed with standards. International and have the right guarantee.

"I want to bring these technologies to Cambodia to work with the government and the private sector to help improve the Cambodian sector to a good standard to ensure order, efficiency, safety and convenience," he said.

The Cambodian Chamber of Commerce (CCC) in late 2019 noted that many investors are finding it difficult to find warehouses for rent in SEZs across the country, and urged SEZs to build new warehouses. Further ឫ Expand the capacity of existing warehouses.

According to the Council for the Development of Cambodia (CDC), as of 2017, there are 44 special economic zones operating in Cambodia. In 2019, exports from all special economic zones nationwide amounted to 1.4 billion US dollars, an increase of 18% compared to 2018.

Chrek Soknim, president of the Cambodian Association of Appraisers and Realtors (CVEA), told the Post recently that demand for rental warehouses had been somewhat volatile during the 199 Kovid outbreak, but to a lesser extent. . He said the service sector was declining, but demand for storage space was still there. "It does not fall much because the warehouse lease is always a long-term contract."

He added that the current rental price has not changed compared to before the outbreak of Kovid 19. The Ministry of Commerce's annual report released in December 2019 showed that exports from Cambodia in the first 10 months of 2019 amounted to nearly 11 billion US dollars, compared to more than 10 billion US dollars in The same period in 2018.